Clare is an AI-powered voice coach trained in cognitive-behavioral therapy. They're ready to talk to you whenever you need support.

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Your virtual,
human-like mental health companion.

Coaching anywhere & anytime

One phone call away

Clare is an AI-powered telephone coach which is available to you via phone call and WhatsApp. With 10 to 15 minute conversations, based on cognitive behavioral therapy, Clare coaches you to increase self-efficacy.

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Trouble Sleeping? Worry a lot? Nervous?

Clare is specialized to help you help yourself on topics like trouble sleeping, worry & rumination and self-confidence, by walking you through exercises or helping you reflect on the phone. 

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100% judgment-free

Clare is not actually human and therefore completely judgment-free and anonymous. Clare is a technology developed to communicate with you and help you with whatever issues or troubles you're facing.

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Users who spoke to Clare

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"I feel better thanks to Clare!"


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Conversations with Clare