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Answers to all the questions we've been asked a lot lately.

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How do I get started with the product?
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You can sign up for our product through WhatsApp. Simply click on the ‘Sign up Now’ button on the Home Page. Clare will guide you through the whole process via chat and you’ll have a chance for the first introduction call. Note that you’ll need to define a calling routine. Set it for at least one day per week to feel the impact of the conversations with Clare on your life.

What is CBT?
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Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is an effective form of psychological treatment based on both, research and clinical practice. It is an approach based on an interconnection between our thoughts, feelings, physical sensations and actions. CBT is widely use to improve a range of problems like depression, anxiety disorders, alcohol and drug use problems, marital problems, eating disorders, and severe mental illness. By using positive approach and breaking problems into smaller parts you can escape negative thoughts and feelings that trap you in a vicious cycle.

Can Clare help me with anxiety?
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Clare is based on a cognitive behavioral therapy, which has been scientifically proven to help with anxiety. They will help you to understand your emotions, reflect on what you’re experiencing and teach you how to face the fear.

Is this anonymous?
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Yes, even though we will ask few questions about you in the beginning, using the product is anonymous and there is no human being at the end of the line. For security reasons, we are obliged to review anonymized transcripts or recordings of calls and conversations to ensure you and Clare stay safe.

Can I call anytime?
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Yes, you can get a call anytime. Send Clare a WhatsApp message saying ‘call me now’ and receive a call within a few seconds. You can also call Clare from a mobile, however, your phone provider might charge you for that call.

It's my first time with virtual assistant, how should I behave?
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Clare will guide you through the call asking questions, just try to be open and share your thoughts. They will also tell you different prompts you can use and should you choose to stay quiet on the call- that’s also fine. It’s normal to feel insecure at first. Give Clare a try and you’ll see how it’s getting easier to talk to with time.

Does Clare offer psychotherapy?
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No. Clare is not offering you psychotherapy in the traditional sense. However, Clare is a voice bot that is trained in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT is a form of psychotherapy that aims to reduce symptoms of various mental health conditions, such as anxiety or depression.

Is Clare the right solution for me?
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Clare is safe for most people. The content Clare offers you has been shown to help other people suffering with stress, depression or anxiety. Multiple studies have shown CBT to be useful in a therapeutical setting. Clare will do their best to let you know in case they are unlikely to be good match for you and your challenges. In case you have been diagnosed with a mental illness, please consult with a psychotherapist or GP to see if it is safe for you to use.
Clare speaks to you and will ask you questions to engage you. Just like any social interaction, an interaction with Clare can incite emotions, such as joy, surprise but maybe also anxiety, or anger. It may happen that these questions can result in uneasy feelings or you may feel emotionally overwhelming due to issues that you raise. If you feel that this is the case please be easy on yourself or leave us a comment if that makes you feel better.
If you are insecure about your own safety we recommend checking in with a mental health or mindfulness professional before trying to use Clare, especially if you have experienced trauma in the past.

Can talking to Clare replace my traditional therapy?
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There is a clear difference between humans and artificial intelligence. Clare does not aim to be a replacement for traditional psychotherapy. If you have a psychotherapist already, it may make sense to talk about and reflect upon your experience with Clare.

Where can I leave a review?
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You can write us the feedback via Contact Form located on our website, or directly to As always, we welcome your feedback, suggestions and comments.

What is clare&me?
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Clare is your mental health companion trying to support and guide you through your mental health journey. Clare is trained in cognitive behavioral therapy offering you a plethora of different kinds of techniques and insights into mental health. Clare is available for calls and conversations at any time and any place for you to speak your mind.

Is Clare a human?
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No, Clare is not human. They are a bot powered by artificial intelligence. Clare speaks to you, responds to what you're saying and can remember things you say. Hence, speaking to them might differ from a human interaction: pauses might be a little longer, there are sensitivities to noise or misunderstandings can occur. Please be mindful for what helps you in a specific situation, it might be speaking to a human friend instead of a bot.

How does it work?
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You can speak to Clare via phone calls and WhatsApp messaging. You can stick to your weekly schedule and only answer Clare’s incoming calls, or trigger a call at the time that suits you best, anytime and anywhere. The product is still developing, so Clare is still learning how to talk to you better.

What Clare can do?
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Clare will talk to you anytime, anywhere, always being there to listen via calls and WhatsApp. By talking to Clare you can be guided through reflection, get assistance in processing your emotions, and get guidance on your mental health journey

Can I speak to Clare as I would with a human being?
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You can speak to Clare as you would do it with a human being. Clare is designed to have human-like interactions and to understand what you’re saying. There is no need to talk slower or shorter. We recommend finding a quiet space, as Clare might have trouble differentiating between your voice and background voices. As Clare is still in beta, please be patient in case there are some longer pauses in the recommendation. Clare will make sure you’re done talking before they continue. Also, Clare is designed for mental health-related conversations and unrelated topics will lead to a confusing conversation. Please be patient and let us know what went wrong so that we can improve faster.

Are there any useful commends Clare understands, that will improve our communication?
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Yes, there are. Remember you can free type, but to make it easier for you, this is what Clare has learned so far:

On WhatsApp:
- Call me now - you’ll receive call in few seconds
- What’s my schedule? - shows your weekly call schedule
- When’s my next call? - shows date and time of your next call
- Don’t call me today - skips your scheduled call that day
- Update my schedule - updates your schedule to make it fit your routine
- Can we text? - supports you via text by helping you reflect, doing exercises with you or sending over mindful meditation as a voice notes
- I can’t sleep, I feel frustrated, I worry a lot, I feel anxious, I’m self-critical - text with you about specific feelings or topics (more to come, keep texting)
- Cancel calls - pause the scheduled calls
- Turn calls back on - resume scheduled calls

On calls:
- Can you repeat? -  Clare will repeat what you said
- staying silent - Clare accommodates you following an exercise in your head

What are the costs of talking to Clare?
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Clare is still in development mode, so using the product is free at the moment. Simply text ‘call me now’ and Clare will call you free of charge. Please be aware though, should you call Clare back, your phone provider might charge you. We are staying transparent and will inform you about changes on this topic. Don’t worry, we won’t charge without your consent.

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