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Meet us

We are a startup from Berlin on the mission to digitize mental health and close the gap between the demand and supply of mental health support.
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Polaroid pictures of clare&me team

Our Mission

Close the gap between the demand and supply of mental health support.
Digitize mental health through AI-powered conversations.
Support +500M people world-wide suffering from emotional problems (1B with mental health symptoms).


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Emilia Theye


Business, Psychology
& Conversation Design

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Celina Messner


Product, Marketing
& Tech Vision

A photograph of the clare&me founders: Emilia and CelinaA photograph of the clare&me founders: Emilia and CelinaA photograph of the clare&me founders: Emilia and Celina


A photograph of Trudi Edginton, CBT therapist in UK

Trudi Edginton

Clinical Psychologist

CBT therapist UK

logo of City University London

Dr Trudi Edginton is an outstanding clinician and researcher who is a Senior Lecturer in Cognitive Neuroscience and Co-Director of the Centre of Excellence in Mindfulness Research at City, University of London in the UK. Trudi has worked in the medical field working in a range of clinical, educational, organisational and community settings. She has a profound understanding of psychological distress, trauma and neurobiology and she has inspired us in terms of content creation. As a Clinical Psychologist and Mindfulness Teacher, she supports Clare in terms of emotional intelligence, be it perspective taking, mindfulness and being empathetic. She also supports the team in terms of content creation as well as novel topic ideas, finding solutions on how to combine CBT, mindfulness and compassion in order to reduce physical and emotional tension and pain and restore inner calm.

“With the complex demands on our everyday lives and the impact on our physical and mental health, ideally everyone should be able to access affordable, accessible, and tailored psychological therapy. However, this is not the world we currently live in, resulting in many people who are suffering alone. The unique features of Clare make you feel like you are talking to a person and that can help to improve our mental health and wellbeing”.

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Stephan Koehler photograph

Stephan Köhler

Prof. Dr. med Anxiety

Researcher on chronic depression

logo of Charite - University Medicine from Berlin

Prof. Dr. Stephan Köhler is the top-notch senior researcher and Professor of Psychotherapy in the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at Charité University Medicine Berlin, Germany. He has his eyes on scientific evidence and credibility, advising us on how to make Clare to be “backed by science”. His in-depth knowledge and practical experience in the field, as well as genuine interest for mHealth solutions ensures that we combine scientific evidence with innovation. Stephan keeps track of Clare drawing on CBT techniques that are scientifically proven and supports us in the creation of an AI solution that is credible and effective. Stephan also supported the team in integrating “security systems” and “escalation workflows”, making sure Clare knows their limits and links users to an actual community based psycho-social support system if needed.

“We know that CBT works - solutions that are easily accessible and not expensive are needed. AI is becoming increasingly valuable in the medical field. I am excited to support Clare&me to help them build an AI voice bot that allows people to speak freely, seeking psychological support”.

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Photo of Clare's team member empathetic Patrycja who is UX/UI designer.
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UX/UI Designer

I like to take draw and spend time in nature for my mental health. I feel calm surrounded by trees.

Photo of team member: Eman
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Senior Software Engineer

I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes from different countries, or walking while listening to my favourite music.

Photo of Clare's team member Mitesh, who is talented developer.
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I absolutely love to go hiking, to be more close to nature, to be on the top of a mountain.

Photo of Clare's team member Marie, who is incredible conversational designer with a background as psychologist.
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Junior Product Owner

For my mental health I exercise regularly and swim in the ocean whenever I get the chance.

Photo of CTO at clare&me Christian
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I love to exercise! Basically I can't have a bad day if I've moved my body in the morning!

Photo of Clare's team member Sina, who is incredibly talented Product Manager.
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Product Manager

I go for a long walk every day. It helps me think, relax, solve problems and recenter myself.

Photo of team member: Maja
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Junior Conversation Designer

I focus on daily self-care, whether by doing pilates, going for a walk, or trying out a new recipe, to reconnect with myself.

Photo of team member: Ivan
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Software Engineer

Yoga, music to suit my mood and writing thoughts/emotions in a diary help me cope with stress and keep my balance.

Photo of Clare's team member Lea, who is our brilliant psychologist.
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Every morning, I take a moment for myself to enjoy my balcony with my first cup of coffee - the fresh air, flowers, birds…

Photo of Clare's team member Alex, who is wonderful developer.
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Software Engineer

I like staying in bed with all the lights turned off while listening to calm melancholic music. It's easing my mind.

Photo of team member: Anushka
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Software Engineer

Journal every day and maintain a gratitude log every day while enjoying my first cup of hot beverage - Coffee!

Photo of the team member: Begüm
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Junior Data Analytics Engineer

I write down my thoughts to grasp the root cause behind any problem. Being aware of things brings me calmness and peace.

Photo of Clare's team member, artistic Valery, who is taking care of our marketing.
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For my mental health, I like to reconnect with myself through drawing and by surrounding myself with my loved ones.