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The 4 faces of anxiety

Anxiety has different faces, meaning it shows itself in many different ways, be it in your body, such as in your physical appearance or your facial appearance as well as in your thoughts, be it your beliefs or apprehensions.

Anxiety has different reasons. And sometimes it may seem that you are anxious for no reason at all.

Let us remember - Anxiety can be a useful and important feeling in a lot of situations as it is an important signal to you. It prepares your body for a given situation to react immediately without thinking about it. Anxiety allows you to react quickly and automatically.  

For your body to be able to do so, anxiety comes with physical symptoms, such as increased heart-beat, blood-pressure, increasing of your longs in order to give your body the energy and blood sugar needed to react immediately.

Anxiety has four dimensions:

On the physical dimension: you may feel your heart beating or you start to sweat, blush and so on  - please note down how anxiety looks like on the physical dimension for you.  

On the mind dimension: you may think “something bad will happen” “I have to get out of here” - please note down a thought or belief that comes to mind when you are feeling anxious.  

On the emotional dimension: you may feel helpless or in despair - there may be additional emotions that you are feeling when being anxious - if so, please note this down too.

On the behavioral dimension: you may avoid or flee the situation - please note down what you do when feeling anxious?

Every individual deals with anxiety and stress and anxiety often appears in stressful life phases.

As said, anxiety is a normal feeling, and important in many ways but anxiety can also become a big problem when you feel it is not appropriate, anxiety appears too often and too long. When it gives you a sense of losing control over yourself or when you start avoiding things that you would usually enjoy, such as going out or meeting friends, speaking or eating in public. When you feel anxious and you suffer from the feeling of anxiety then anxiety may have become independent. You do not want to be afraid of certain things or situations, however, your body or your mind tells you otherwise.

This is the anxiety we can tackle together in order for you to feel better and live a life less anxious.

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